RMI Plug-in for Eclipse

RMI Plug-in for Eclipse is the most comprehensive solution for developing Java based RMI systems using the Eclipse platform. Apert from generation of the stub and skeleton files using the "rmic" compiler, the RMI Plug-in will help in getting started with the Java RMI technology and will provide advanced configuration, analysis and debugging tools.

JadClipse for Java Decompilation within Eclipse IDE

JadClipse plugin supports the integration of jad (Java Decompiler) with Eclipse IDE. This plugin replaces the default class file viewer provided by the IDE with the JadClipse class file viewer which shows the decompiled source of the Java class.

XMLSpy Enterprise Edition

Altova's XMLSpy 2008 Enterprise Edition is the industry standard for XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML & related technologies like XSLT,XPath, Open XML, XQuery & WSDL. It provides a sophisticated XML editor, a graphical schema designer, a code generator, file converters, debuggers & profilers. XMLSpy supports seamless integration with both Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse.